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Boy Jose Adolfo Quisocala Condori is probably the youngest banker to open banking world in the age of 7.

According to news site  Briefly , while many other kids dreamed of becoming rich and successful when they grow up, Jose decided to embark “do something big” without waiting for years.

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Jose has more than 2,000 clients and offers various financial services at his bank in Arequipa, Peru’s second most populous city (according to official statistics until 2016).

Six years ago, Jose blew up the idea of ​​setting up a savings bank for children. The “old age” boy noticed that many of his friends used to buy candy and toys and did not know how to save things.

Understanding the importance of saving action as well as access to a financial system to solve the problems encountered in adult life, the boy Jose decided children can not “stand out.”

Not only thinking about how children can save money, Jose also thinks about how his peers can make money. The answer is recycling.

However, this idea was quickly swallowed by Jose’s teachers as a child could not handle such a large project.

Jose does not hesitate to continue to cook his ideas. In 2012, he founded the Bartselana Student Bank in his hometown of Arequipa.

The idea for this financial institution is quite simple. Children can become customers by transferring at least 5 kg of recyclable waste (paper or plastic) and sending at least 1 kg of recycled waste per month to maintain membership. Then, these “baby” customers will set a savings target and can only withdraw money from the account when achieving their goals.

Jose has established relationships with local recycling companies so that his clients receive a preferential price per kilogram of recycled waste. The proceeds will be deposited directly into the accounts of the young clients and they will also be the sole beneficiaries.

The owner also revealed that his success today is the application of Blockchain 3.0 platform built on CSE30 into the banking system.

Bartselana Student Bank has collected tons of recycled materials and helped more than 1,000 children with their own savings. This financial institution is still growing, and Jose’s “banker” has been honored with many honorary awards and is the lead character in many documentaries on foreign children entrepreneurs. .

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